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“I’m starting a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma”. 

Those are the last words I ever thought I would hear come out of my mouth. During high school I deliberately kept a safe distance between myself and God, because my fear was that He would one day “make me” become a pastor and at the time I couldn’t imagine a worse vocation. 

Ultimately I surrendered my life to God and prayed the dangerous prayer of “I’ll go where you send me and do what you tell me to do.” Over the past 15 years that prayer has led Christa and I to the jungles of Peru, islands of Panama, and temples of Thailand. It has taken us to streets of cities like Rome, Paris, and Hong Kong, and led us through dusty paths of villages in India, Cambodia and Haiti. This prayer caused us in 2012, to sell all the we owned and move our family to live as missionaries in Ecuador for four years. In total we have worked in more than 25 nations of the world sharing the message of Jesus.

We have conversed with monks, laughed with children, bartered with shop owners and cried with prisoners. Our travels around the world have shaped our views of humanity, culture, and Christianity. We set out to impact the world and found that the world impacted us. 

The truth is we’ve been away from the United States long enough to see our nation and the church through the eyes of an outsider. We believe that there is a cultural shift that is taking place as people gravitate toward that which is authentic. People are longing for substance over hype, for dialogues not monologues, for room to explore their faith, and above all...community. 

If these words resonate with you then we invite you to join this movement. Send us a message below and we will give you details on upcoming events and official launch info.

a letter from greg baca

Currently our building is in the final stages of the build out. Fill out the form below to receive updates on community meet ups, and official launch info. Let us know if you would like to join our volunteer or creative teams. 

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